Terrorists' Slogan - "We Have to Succeed Only Once, They Have to be Successful 100% of the Time"

All Canadian aviation security staff and frequent air travellers know, you cannot protect a major airport every moment of a day, in every location. A feat so vast it is almost impossible. There are too many variables and as long as people have an imagination anything can happen. Technology is still in it's infancy. Security staff is under trained. How long will it take until a real terrorist succeeds and passes through airport security, again causing havoc?

Remember Lockerbie, Scotland? Back in 1987 the Israeli government drew up a plan for security measures for Pan American Airlines. Nothing was too expensive for the safety of their passengers, nothing too intrusive, x-rays became the norm, performing complete nude body searches. 

No matter how many people complained about their privacy rights being violated, they continue to this day and are more intrusive than they were when they first introduced the Rapiscan Secure 1000 in Florida's Orlando International airport, way back. 

So Pan Am, started to hire professional security staff, inspecting all carry-ons, checked baggage and cargo in the hold. 

Then the worst happened, Pan Am Flight 103 went down over Lockerbie. A bomb exploded in an un-inspected and unchecked suit case.  

That was the end of Pan Am, they went out of business shortly after.

Remember the shoe bomber, Richard Reid? Since then, billions upon billions of passengers passing through security have had to remove their shoes. Security have never found another shoe bomb. 

How about the underwear bomber, Ume Farouk Abdulmutallab, with a concealed bomb in his underwear? 

I can hear security asking passengers as politely as possible, 

"Please take off your shoes and underwear and place in tray." 


"What's that you're packing in your underwear, Mister."

No wonder I'm afraid of flying. Like the terrorists' slogan says; They only have to be successful once. 

Now, since the airlines are charging $25 for each checked baggage, more people are using larger bags as carry-ons. The problem can only intensify.

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